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the cohort seminars

for your information, education and entertainment (cf. the beeb beeb ceeb) but mostly for your education

cragg seminar room
wednesdays 11.00 - 2.00

28 april - christopher alexander: an introduction

12 may - history, aesthetics and ontology in the 21st century

26 may - an artist's impression of an architectural development

2 june - web design: an introduction

16 june - to be announced

the cohort seminars are intended to be open mike affairs where anyone can show and tell a subject that they are enthusiastic about. people in that state often make the best teachers and there is a wealth of knowledge amongst us. i want someone to show me what's so good about gaudi. there may well be time to cover a few topics on each occasion as the technical person assures me that the electricity will be switched on

this post will stay at the top of the page and hopefully evolve. would it have been better to announce this after i'd made the poster? has photoshophobia been documented yet?

autocad 2000i

Download file

asperger's syndrome entered the diagnostic manuals in 1994
has autocadphobia been documented yet?

and i've just picked up "freedom evolves"

wtf has this got to do with learning architecture?

"it is your responsibility to read the validated unit descriptor"

another version of the usual nonsense but this time it feels as if someone is overcompensating. i am getting the impression that many students realise the methodology is crap but can see no alternative. the waste of time and materials in the brief is just sad

i decided to try and make something real and useful instead, perhaps a shelf unit or a computer desk

i am moving to copinger close soon and have asked the landlord to provide only a bed. finally, i will have somewhere to make a working surface and some furniture for belle, noe and rose including their takus inshallah

a poster of a pattern language

Download file

i had to make this third version of a poster of all 253 patterns in a pattern language after having no luck with randall schmidt relocating the copy of the second version that i sent him over two years ago. of course the patternlanguage.com site has fallen silent again. i think its useful to see the whole thing on one piece of paper and i'll use it at the first cohort seminar. the first version was a photocopy cut and paste effort that i must have distributed at least a hundred of. like the thousand peace cranes. i can make the rest now

ah, paris. paris, france

the courtyard of the louvre

i have yet to make it to paris in the springtime but the next best thing may be insecula. l'encyclopédie des arts et de l'architecture is a french language art website containing images and descriptions of thousands of works of art from major museums and collections in france and elsewhere, including the louvre, the musée d'orsay, the palace of versailles, the centre pompidou, the metropolitan museum of art and the moma. via metafilter

the 360° vr panoramas of parisian streets and the monuments et edifices are particularly nice but there's nothing like being there. anyone up for a cohort seminar/presentation on the school trip?

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