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'brick: a world history'


i was glad to have come across this after having been on a walk in canterbury in chris seaber's tuturial group while he pointed out the finer details of rubbed and gauged brickwork

james w p campbell and will pryce have produced a wonderful book on a great building material and my only complaint is that it's physically too big and heavy

the bibliographic essay feels authoritative and includes the following-:

gunter pfiefer - masonry construction manual (2001)
gerald lynch - brickwork: history, technology and practice (1994)
gerald lynch - gauged brickwork (1990)
a w lawrence - greek architecture (1996)
anthony matthews - roman building: materials and techniques (1994)
ingrid d rowland - vitruvius: ten books on architecture (1999)
william l madonald - the architecture of the roman empire (198)
rowland mainstone - hagia sophia (1988)
rowland mainstone - the development of structural form (1998)
stephen blake - half the world (1999)
david stravitz - the chrysler building (2002)
gautan bhatia - laurie baker (1994)

sfu2 crit - people and places

robert (percy) plant


there cannot have been many world ranking astronomers to have also achieved celebrity in the worlds of botany, theology and architecture but arn saba who was born in india moved easily through these very different worlds. his parents, both diplomats migrated across the earth in accordance with their philosophy of travelling at human walking pace by establishing a roving intellectual salon that was accommodated at the world's greatest academic institutions.

he took his first degree in mathematics at magdelene college oxford, where his lifelong interest in cacti was sparked by his mother's studies at the botanical gardens and he eventually became the keeper of the national collection of the genus phalli. he was at the point of gathering a specimen from the rock face of the volcanic plug on union island in the west indies when he accidentally fell to his death

whilst studying architecture at yale he became famous for heckling visiting speakers of the modernist persuasion and for instigating the cassini huygens project responsible for the early detection of the asteroid that would have destroyed most of the sturry road had it not been deflected at the last moment by the starship uss daik. as a result he was allowed all the keys to the city and his weekend architectural projects for the bastions of the city wall will now be completed by members of the local astronomy nexus, the ascetic cult that he founded after discovering the geometrical connections between the city's medieval structure and the hershel 400 list of dim objects

he was a total loser in some respects but he will be missed by many

arn saba ... 2 june 1947 - 6 october 2003


the nature of order

the white cross tower

iso paper sizes

this is a great conversation to have in a pub. did you know that AO size paper has an area of 1 square metre and that this allows you to work out the weight of a document

markus kohn explains it all here. it then goes on to effect the size of everything from filing cabinets to credit cards. the british complied with european standards a while ago but the americans are still suffering from their incompatibility with the rest of the world

and for my own information the square root of 2 is 1.4142

paradise shacks house cooling party


you are cordially invited to a house cooling on the 5th, 6th and 7th of december
at paradise shacks, garlinge green road, petham, kent CT4 5RR - 01227 700989

the house is between the villages of petham and garlinge green and surrounded by beautiful kent countryside. there are several historic buildings of kent within walking distance some of which may be pubs

the postbus leaves from next to canterbury bus station daily at 2pm and brings you back at 11am the next day (no sunday service)

the 620 has four services that leave canterbury at 9.05, 13.15, 16.05, and 17.45 folowed by a short walk to the house which is next to the village criket ground. it returns from petham at 7.45, 9.32, 13.54, and 16.56 daily. on sunday it leaves canterbury at 11.15, 16.05, and 17.50 and returns at 8.12, 12.13, and 16.32

if you miss all those the walk back takes an hour and is almost all gently downhill

a warm welcome, food, drink, a fire, floorspace, candles and internet access (56k). like burning man but without the desert

ambience assure

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