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'the nature of order'

the nature of order - the process of creating life

book 2 the process of creating life was waiting for me when i got home today

i decided i'd do nothing else until i had read the book but this has not been possible as its pretty dense and i can only take in so much at a time

i also need to review the fifteen properties of life

levels of scale
strong centers
alternating repetition
positive space
good shape
local symmetries
deep interlock and ambiguity
the void
simplicity and inner calm
non separateness

"In a living system what is to be always grows out of what is, supports it, extends its structure smoothly and continuously, elaborates new form - but without ever violating the structure which exists.

When this rule is violated, as it was, far too often, in 20th-century development, chaos emerges. A kind of cancer occurs. Harm is done. All in all modern society succeeded, in the last century, in creating an ethos where buildings, plans, objects ... are judged only by themselves, and not by the extent to which they enhance and support the world. This means that nature has been damaged, because it is ignored and trampled upon. It means than ancient parts of towns and cities have been trampled, because the modernist view saw no need to respect them, to protect them.

But even more fundamental, it came about because the idea of creativity which became the norm assumed that it is creative to make things that are unrelated (sometimes disoriented and disconnected just in order to be new), and that this is valuable - where in fact it is merely stupid, and represents a misunderstanding, a deep misapprehension of how things are. Creativity comes about when we discover the new within a structure already latent in the present. It is our respect for what is that leads us to the most beautiful discoveries. In art as in architecture, our most intelligent and most wonderful creations come about, when we draw them out as extensions and enhancements of what exists already.

The denial of this point of view, is the chief way in which 20th-century development destroyed the surface of the earth." p136


"Living structure in buildings can only be GENERATED. It cannot be created by brute force from designs. It can only come from a generative process existing in the production process of society - so that the building - its conception, plan, design, detailed layout, structural design, and material detail are all unfolded step by step in TIME." p176


"The proper unfolding of wholeness is both an unfolding of space from the culture which exists, and an unfolding of a new (future) culture from the culture of the present."

the white cross tower

tower2.jpg tower1.jpg

sited on the city wall, betwen the bridge to canterbury east station and the dane john mound, the white cross tower is the simplest and most powerful of the city's bastions that still remain. although it has lost its "crenalated fighting-top" there has been a defence structure there since the third century

6.jpg 5.jpg 4.jpg 3.jpg 2.jpg 1.jpg 7.jpg

the authoriities continue to destroy the fabric of the city by large and small acts. currently the wholeness of the site is being insulted by three notices stuck on to the tower with a combination of concrete, polyurethane cement and screws no doubt attached by means of plastic anchors, a bin placed next to the tower with a bright orange liner, a large ugly lamp that disturbs both the space in front of the tower as well as the path beside it. There is another light sunk into the floor of the tower which is also interrupted by a small mound just in front of the left hand niche. one of the signs and the flag both let you know that this is a "green heritage site" whatever that is

the tower contains a beautiful space with three niches for archers, access to which is denied by the railings

niche1.jpg niche2.jpg niche3.jpg

the cacti will be housed on variable open shelving similar to the example in the picture. the shelving pattern will evolve along with the collection in a manner similar to that of the greenhouse in dulwich which has been in service for over twenty years


autocad must be blue

'the software must be sad' is 'A new project to make businesses more aware of their
customer experience, and how to fix it.' via metafilter. it's the first site i've seen using typepad the new subscription based service from the wonderful people at

sfu 1 crit


this is the first picture of the ba2003 crit in progress

sfu 1 crit - welcome to worldsystema

a is for the architecture of anarchy

a is for the architecture of anarchy

noun, from greek anarchos - having no ruler

1 a : absence of government, b : a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority, c : a utopian society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without government

2 a : absence or denial of any authority or established order, b : absence of order

the word anarchy is a trope in that it can have different and contradictory meanings. here it will be used to mean a state of complete freedom

the enclosure suggested by the memory box is a work space and meeting room designed to facilitate learning and the creation of anarchy

jojo - why aren't you laughing

this is an homage to walt kelly's 'pogo'

i cannot remember where i found this but it has started some interesting conversations. some of them got quite heated

i've just posted this to multi-story

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