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justin catches up with the kids

noe,belle,sajjad and rosie

as usual there were a lot of images of everyone focusing on each other with various cameras. he took this first picture of us and a couple of hours of video in really long takes. this will be the place i'll attempt to embed a quicktime file and a link to a gallery inshallah, and he didn't digitize himself out of the footage as he'd threatened to

alan clarke's diaries

for some reason bill was surprised to find out i was reading alan clarke's diaries. the mindset of a boyish tory grandee, the third volume ends with his last days written gracefully by his wife jane

the intellectual life of the british working

this jumped at me from the new books shelf in the canterbury central library

jonathan rose has written an inspirational account of the autodidactic spirit amongst the poor. repeatedly he finds that the presence of weavers seems to correlate with high literacy rates. looking at the borrowing records of subscription libraries set up by working class organizations long before there was any municipal provision and by examining the autobiographies of ordinary men and women he proves how the stories that my parents told me of individuals forced by their poverty to educate themselves by reading under street lamps are not apochryphal.

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