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how did our oil get under their sand

antiwar protest at paradise shacks

some oil greedy evildoers are about to start a war. flags are flown upside down to signal people in distress. this was the antiwar protest in petham

the law is crap

tassells solicitors

your ref: A/Afzal-Woodward

our ref: the lawyers ate all the justice in the world a long time ago and all they do now is recycle their own shit and sell it to you as law@tassells-solicitors.co.uk


dear (blank)

may i suggest that it might do you some good to practice writing your letters instead of dictating them to your minions. however, please do not attempt to communicate with me again as although i use a lota, i simply will not be able to resist the urge to wipe my arse with your next ms.

please be aware that i am the first born son of a desi pakistani family that in the days when there was a community actually had some standing in it

the first time i met the pied-noire loon and the minor public schoolmaster/walking digestive tract that are currently instructing you, she called me a beggar in front of my sathi.

ask them what their faces have looked like whenever my wife has told them that she was pregnant. when the twins were born my mother in law gave me a £2400 loan for a car. some of this i have repaid and over the last few days i have been gathering together absolutely everything that she could possibly feel i may have gained from accepting the woodward's charity and i have put it here

when after a few years i told her congenitally feebleminded eldest son that i had been working for the woodwards as if they were my family he replied that he didn't understand what difference that made. i consider these people to have drunk my blood and the blood of my children. god forbid that my offspring should become anything like these emotionally dead, self satisfied, petty little middle class cogs in the shitstem whose only aspirations concern the amount and variety of things that they can eat

if you should by some remote chance come across dominique, i would be grateful if you could tell her that i have started work at canterbury college and spoken to my mother and that she advises my sathi to pick up the children and begin walking towards me with nothing but the clothes on her back

finally, please make the entire clan who are paying your fees understand that if my wife and children are not allowed to return to me, inshallah, for whatever remains of their wretched lives, the taste of ashes will never be out of their mouths


illegible nonentity

i received a letter from an illegible signature that works for a lodge of lawyers and decided to answer it here

'the right to useful unemployment'

the right to useful unemployment and its professional enemies

"A retooling of contemporary society with convivial rather than industrial tools implies a shift of emphasis in our struggle for social justice; it implies a new kind of subordination of distributive to participatory justice. In an industrial society, individuals are trained for extreme specialization. they are rendered impotent to shape or or to satisfy their own needs. They depend on commodities and on the managers who sign the prescriptions for them. The right to diagnosis of need, prescription of therapy, and - in general - distribution of goods predominates in ethics, politics and law. This emphasis on the right to imputed necessities shrinks the liberty to learn or heal or move on one's own to fragile luxuries. In a convivial society, the opposite would be true. The protection of equity in the exercise of personal liberties would be the predominant concern of a society based on radical technology: science and technology in the service of a more effective use-value generation. Obviously, such equitably distributed liberty would be meaningless if it were not grounded in the right to equal access to raw materials, tools and utilities. Food, fuel, fresh air or living space can no more be equitably distiributed than wrenches or jobs unless they are rationed without regard to imputed need, that is in equal maximum amounts to young and old, cripple and president. A society dedicated to the protection of equally distributed, modern and effective tools for the exercise of productive liberties cannot come into existence unless the commodities and resources on which the exercise of these liberties is based are equally distributed to all."

this was the postscript to 'tools for conviviality' and inspired a possible title: 'the architecture of anarchy and its professional enemies'

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